Are you ready for some football (parties)? The Super Bowl is almost here!dge

We’re a few yards away from the biggest day in the football season. Super Bowl 50. History in the making.

Are you ready? Come Sunday it’ll suddenly be time to break out the beers, crisp up come chicken wings, and hustle down to an evening of heart-stopping and breath-holding hollering at the TV screen.

So whether you’re hosting the mother of all parties, or just prepping the sidelines for the family to watch the game, we’ve got a few tips for you to get your home party-ready, leaving you to celebrate each touchdown in comfort.


Clean your TV screen

All eyes are gonna be on this bad boy. Use a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with a mild vinegar solution and wipe clean to get the sharpest view of the action.


Rearrange the furniture

Space is the name of the game. Are there dents in the carpet where you moved the furniture? Here’s a tip: leave an ice cube to melt there overnight and it’ll plump up those flattened fibers.


Vacuum your speakers

Clear out the dust to get the sharpest sound on every cheer, tackle, and whistle. A gentle clean with your vacuum cleaner should do the trick.


Spill-proof your carpets

Laying down plastic sheeting is a great solution if you don’t mind that look. Otherwise, lay out some cheap rugs to protect your carpet underneath and then just throw them in the wash.


Prep an emergency cleaning kit

Have a set of cleaning tools on standby for accidents including: trash bags, paper towels, dustpan and brush, dishwasher liquid for greasy stains, and salt for wine spillages.

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